Sticker 5...Cubert with hills

Round 8 of the Cornish Grand Prix Series, Sticker 5 essentially represents a hillier Cubert, around 1 minute slower for most runners. Starting off with a fast downhill section into the village of Sticker and very easy to get dragged along too fast, runners then climb out of the other side of the village and into the countryside on a fairly manageable hill at this stage. A series of fast country lanes then follow, with some fast downhill parts and muddy in places, up to around 3 miles. The last 2 miles are when the race turns tougher, being predominantly uphill back to the finish, never particularly steep but a long drag after the fast first 3 miles. The race finishes with a flat sprint to the finish line in the football ground. Felt a bit disappointed with my time and bizarrely slower than last year, as I just didn't have the energy yesterday. Now resting for the big showdown on Tuesday evening, the one that counts...

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